Having a bad round? Get some kittens!

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Hearthstone – My new addiction!

So it appears i have a new addiction and it’s Hearthstone! I never thought i would ever get into a card game cause I was worried i would have troubles remembering all the cards but it seems with this game i can easily learn with the built in system that allows you to track what cards were used and what they did at each move if you are confused of the rules.

I started playing a few days after Reggie died and all the thinking of strategy and stuff has helped keep me calm and not think a lot about the past to make me feel depressed. Is this game an anti-depressant? Not really but it helped me for a bit but now i am addicted to the game i been playing it on a nightly bases on my downtime at work and some times when i get off work.

Normally i would write these blog entries with videos but since i have 9 right now i am not in the mood to describe all videos with a video like i used to so near the end of this entry I have made a playlist with all my hearthstone gameplay for you to watch whenever you want.

As for me learning the game in general it’s easy to learn and play but hard to master. The game itself is free to play and you do get some cards for free as you level and they are pretty decent. I bought the starter pack which was 10 packs of cards as well as a super card. That helped me a bit. With every 3 wins you get 10 gold and if you do the daily quests you can get 40 – 60 gold. Heck sometime some daily quests reward packs. You can get a “free” pack of card for 100 gold so I experimented by buying a few of each expansion to get to know what types of cards I want in my deck.

After learning what each hero is capable of with their basic deck i found a few ways to make some “unique” decks which are fun to play with. Since I am still new to the game these may not be the best decks in the world but I do love playing them.

Taunting Troll

The “Taunting Troll” is my fun deck. It mainly a deck i use to troll people with a bunch of taunts and with the luck of the draw it can be really trolly! I have a few buffs that are sadly just for one turn so if they are permanet buffs like a paladin can do to their minions it can properly be used but i don’t know the paladin enough to see if certain tactics works. The main goal is to keep bringing out taunts. There are plenty of minions with taunt and spells that turn things to taunts. I even have a spell that turns an enemy minion to taunts so in a way you can see why it’s called the “Taunting Troll” deck. The win rate is not that great but it can get better.

Mechanical Priest

While the priest is known to be a healer he also has some interesting buffs that only priest can do! I was able to make a deck that allows him to use Mechs that can be upgraded with other mechs and with some of the spells that buff the minions health there is the “secret ingredient” which is a card that matches a minions health and make their attack match their health! With the many types of small mechs I found some “upgrades” that can make them the strongest card(s) in the whole deck. Since i can have two of the special card I can have two “super minions” and they don’t have to be mechanical. The main thing to make this deck really work if you have are able to have a primary minion which litterly goes by the name “Test Subject” where his death rattle is whatever upgrades you do to it goes back into your hand! With that said you can almost use that one special card 3 times! On top of that with the cards you get back you can use them again on another minion right away if you have enough mana to “copy” the powers from the test subject and give it to another minion. Now back to the mechs this is where it can get interesting. One of the mechs is has a trigger where it does 2 damage to a random enemy when your turn starts. If you can bring him out early with a health buff you can later upgrade it with the mech that is magnetic and has taunt. This upgrades the 1st mech into a taunt therefore giving it it’s health and power! With the luck of the draw and you kept the proper cards the next turn will allow you to double the health of the new upgraded mech and then use the “Secret Ingredient” to make it’s power match it’s health! There is one match where I got that mech to 21 attack! My opponent struggled to take it down and never conceded! It was a great victory and is in the playlist to watch. The deck has evolved ever since recording that one match and i hope to get good footage in the future.

Evil Paladin

A friend of mine who got me into playing Hearthstone only plays paladin and he rarely buys any new packs cause he thinks his deck is strong! Every time i do a friendly match with him i always lose! Even with the “powerful” decks i made I can’t defeat his paly! After many matches against him and all the down time i had durring the snow storm a week ago I have made a strong deck where if played right it can be “undefeated”! In one of my videos on this list i work on the deck for a good hour. Tweak and tweak after tweak it got better and better even though i may have lost a few rounds I was learning from my mistakes. The ways i see it take advantage of the hero ability to spawn a “silver” minion and just keep doing that until he has an army. If his army is strong in damage but less in heath then “consecration” is a good way to lower their health. If you can do that as well as the one card that lowers all minions to 1hp you can defeat them all but make sure all your minions attack 1st of you do that cause it lowers your own minions to 1hp and he can get you back. Now there is one card i have unlocked with dust that not only lower their HP to 1 but their attack as well! The good thing about this card is it only does this to enemy cards so if i have a big army and he did too i can kill his army and use my army for a major attack if i was lucky to buff them prior. With the luck of the draw you can almost use you hero spell and buff those minions over and over. I have a few “echo” cards that help with the buffing if you just have one and he can last at least two turns if the battlefield is “even”.

Overall i am enjoying the game and a great alternative to play in the list of games i play. Do i recommend it? yeh….just don’t get too addicted at just buy a shit ton of cards or at least right away. Go ahead and buy the starter pack and take advantage of the “free” packs every 100 gold. It will help you get to know your heros as well as the cards to know which ones use the most. When the time is right buy as many packs as you want. Good thing about this time of year is they have good deals and i may get the special Christmas one. If i do i plan on recording me opening all the packs that come with it! If I did my math right it’s about a total 125 cards all mixed into the different expansions so this is quite exciting to open.

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Missing my cats already!

I know it’s only been two days since reggie passed away but it’s really hard when it quiet in the house. I was looking at my file archives and came across some old videos from an old phone. I knew i had these and thought i lost the files but it was in a looking in a folder of “files to sort” and found them! 

This video was shot on May 9th 2014 while watching a sports event. Reggie hates my phone and usually jumps off if i try to grab it but he stayed for once. This goes to show how spoiled of a cat he was!

This next video I thought i had it in a proper folder but refound it in the same “File to sort” folder and uploaded it for safe keeping this time. Reggie and JoJo were brother and sister and they took care of each other. JoJo loved to groom Reggie and this is one of the video i have of them together that is in the best quality.  Glad i learned how to record higher quality videos on my phone cause the other videos from the same phone look good but only small.

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RIP Reggie

Today is one the hardest days in my life. I actually witnessed my cat dieing and it breaks my heart to see him that way he was when i got off from work earlier this morning. He was so bad I had no choice to put him under. It’s gonna be really quiet in the house now that he’s gone but i know he’s in kitty heaven now with his sister JOJO who died around this time last year so it was mainly him being lonely to the point he  was ready to see her. I don’t blame him i miss her just as much as he did. He’s not in pain anymore. May he rest in peace. Love you Reggie! You been a great cat! 

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Pinball Museum in Ashville NC

Went to Ashville NC to visit the Pinball Museum and while the total number of tables weren’t that big as expected the selection was pretty nice. When you 1st enter they had some classic recoverd tables from the era when Pinball was banned. You go to the bar and get your bracelet which allows you to play as many games as you want. For what it’s worth it’s not bad cause it covers the cost to help maintain these machines. While i had limited battery life (I need to remeber to charge next time) I took am many pics of the tables i actually played.

One of my all time favorites was on display and you know me playing it a lot on twitch. Fish Tales was how i remember playing it. Never did get my personal best from the virtual game but i did get some good multi ball action.

I never played Midevil Madness before and was great to play it for the 1st time ever other then the virtual version which I am working on mastering. The ball play was as expected and i was able to trigger all the events to enjoy them as i did in the virtual version.

Twilight Zone was ok but still played like i did back in the day as well as on the virtual cabinet. I can’t enjoy that table somehow. Just glad that table was on Free to Play mode.

Lord of the Rings was an interesting table. It had a lot going on and it had some snippets from the movie.

I managed to be able to play Star Trek which is based on the original series and they had the lastest Star Trek pinball table and it was the deluxe edition. 

Lastly there was the Batman table which is based on the TV show batman from the 60’s! All the main characters and villians are on the table. The objectives are pretty simple but getting the ball to go where you need it was challenging enough. This has became one of my new personal favorites and hope to come across it again.

There is many more to show but with the limited battery i had on my phone i needed to save some battery life so i sadly didn’t take any more photos. I can tell you that the other tables i tried were pretty neat. They had two KISS tables where one was from the 1979 and the other one was released in 2015. They had Mars Attack which i have played many times in many arcades i been to. It seems that table is pretty common. Creature of the Blue Lagoon was on display but i never played it since it’s not a table I would want to play. Nothing wrong with it cause it’s a good table but just can’t get into it. There was Haunted House which I remember playing on a simulation for Windows 95 back in the day! There was a  King of Thrones table and while i never watched the series the table itself was enjoyable. There were many more but i can’t remember the names of them.

One table you did see was two player but one person played on one side and player 2 played on another side. It was soccer themed and the playboard tilted based on who was up for defending. I thought that was the coolest designed table i ever seen!

While the place was meant as a pinball museum they did have a few arcade machines as well. There were the classics like Mrs Pacman and Galaga and Digdug. There was Tempest, Joust, Track and Field, Burger Time, Time Pilot, Area 51, Qbert, Street Fighter 2, and many more. They had a few multicades that were the small versions that had many retro games installed. They even had a retro consolse section with Super Mario Brothers, Mike Tysons Punchout, Tetris, and Sonic the Hedgehog. There was one more but it was some colecovision game which i believe may have been missle command?

Lastly they had a very rare game that was based on Star Wars. This particular game was the 1st of it’s kind to be based on a movie. Because of how rare it was it was the only game you had to use quarters to play! 

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