Vacation 2022 – Day 6 and 7 – Visiting Riverton and Casper

Today is my last day here in Wyoming! It’s been a fun week not only to explore but to hang out with my sister who lives here in Wyoming. On the last day we stayed in Riverton and boy is it in interesting small town! On the way in we passed an area that i actual drove through in American Truck Simulator! While I have to dig through my files to find the real pictures, I will be comparing the real deal with the game version. In the meantime, my parents are staying in Wyoming for the next few days while i sadly have to go home. The last place I stayed at is a ranch that has some RV spots where people can park their RV or rent one which we rented one that was already on the property!

On our way to Casper which is where the airport is we stopped at a spot called Hells Half Acre. Not only did i visit this location in American Truck Simulator but i learned it’s one of the main locations when they filmed the movie Starship Troopers!

I am definitely coming back to Wyoming not only to visit my sister but to explore some more! There is so many areas I yet to explore that I wanted to see! Goodbye Wyoming! Hope to see you again!

Vacation 2022 – Day 5 – Visiting Yellowstone Nation Park

For the next to last day of my vacation we finally head to Yellowstone Nation Park as we visit old faithful!

On our way we did many stops! Found some bison just chilling next to the lake! Going to the lake and just enjoying the view (away from the bison of course). We went to a waterfall! Found a gift shop with a gas station and then we headed to Old faithful!

We finally made it to Old Faithful and boy was in amazingly beautiful!

In the same area there were these pools of water that is heated by the earths core!

It’s amazing how beautiful this area was! Sadly, there were spots that were scorched by wildfires but there were trees regrowing! We didn’t go to all the spots I wanted to go but since my sister live in Wyoming, we can do more in a later date! As I am writing this we are actually about to leave since I was so dead tired when we got back, I didn’t write this until i woke up. My next entry for “tomorrow” will be my last day here in Wyoming as we visit the area of Riverton! After that I am flying home so nothing to really share for the fly home. We may visit the casino in Riverton that’s ran by the natives! You’ll see in the next entry!

Vacation 2022 – Day 4 – Still Visiting Cody, Wyoming

Today while we were supposed to go to Yellowstone we ended up going to the Buffalo Bill Museum which had a lot of neat exhibits. One was dedicated to Buffalo Bill and the history of not only Cody but the west in general. There was also an exhibit that was dedicated to Natives in the area. There was an art gallery and a gun museum as well! The gun museum was very interesting! It’s one of the largest collections and so many to look at i felt you can spend two days it had so many guns!

After visiting the museum, we went to the Buffalo Bill Dam where on the way there we saw some beautiful mountain views!

Vacation 2022 – Day 3 – Visiting Cody, Wyoming

Today was a relaxing day of hanging out in Cody, Wyoming where it was founded by Buffalo Bill! We had lunch at the hotel that Buffalo Bill opened in 1908!

Didn’t do a lot today other than walk around town. It was really hot! We planned to relax today before we head to Yellowstone tomorrow. That’s going to be one of the highlights of the trip! Here’s some photos of the mountains in between the town we are staying at Cody! It’s really beautiful here in Wyoming!

Vacation 2022 – Days 1 and 2

My sister moved to Wyoming around this time last year and it’s been a year since she moved! I had some vacation time so Me, my mother and my step-father drove all the way to Wyoming to visit! Don’t worry I am flying home since there is no way i can stand the drive home!

We left North Carolina at 9am on Tuesday and headed to Mount Vernon, Illinois which was the first 10 hours of our 39 hour overall drive! Nothing really to share since I slept most of the way.

Official Day 1

We drove 11 hours to Ogallala, Nebraska! Was a fun drive! I drove the first 5 hours. One of the major areas we drove through was St Louis, Missouri!

A little further into our trip we went through parts of Kansas City, Missouri and the traffic was a little heavier but we were able to see the Royals Stadium!

We went through Iowa and then Nebraska which was our final destination for the day! My god was there so much farm land! Nothing but corn! At this time we were in Mountain Time where it’s two hours off.

Day 2

We left Ogallala around 6am and was in Wyoming in the first hour of our 9 hour last leg. We headed to a unique gas station in Buford, Wyoming where this town is just a Trading Post and a house! It’s a ghost town which was actually previosly known as the town with a population of one! The original owner of the trading post lived there for over 20 years and moved out in 2004! The new owner lives 30 minutes away but does still maintain the gas station/trading post! Prior to our trip i was able to visit this in the game American Truck Simulator

I was able to actually compare the video game to the real thing and boy was it accurate!

I sadly forgot take a photo of the actual Post office that is mainly just 10 or so boxes! The house which was behind the Gas Station is just empty but that was where the former owner lived! It was pretty neat to visit this little town!

As for the rest of the trip we past this area where we saw some great mountain views!

There’s a lot more to explore! Not sure what we plan to do tomorrow but i can’t wait to at least go to Yellowstone! I’m exhausted! Been a long drive! I will be posting more as this vacation progresses!

Update on my life!

Hello everyone! I know it seems i have neglected this website as well as not streamed for the longest time but i really needed to take a break! Things has changed for me throughout the past few months and while i still consider myself a gamer for life I am not gaming as much as people may expect. I’m not in it for fame or fortune and just want to entertain as best as i can.

As for updates to my personal life it’s been pretty good ever since i moved in the new house! I’ve done many things to it along with my backyard which recently i bought a shed to store things.

The back yard looks like a mess but that will be fixed. I cleared up a bunch of dead trees covered with vines and going to make that area look more of a cleaner natural area.

I am currently in my 2nd season of being a host family and having a baseball player living with me during the season! It’s different having a professional player living with you and the perks to having access to other players is great! Our Pitching coach is Frank Viola! He played for the Metz is the late 80’s. I was going through my baseball cards and I found his card! I have it on display now along with a bobble head figure they gave out last season of frank.

Baseball in general has slowed my gaming down during the season and post season i pick it up again. Not many games that i want to play is coming out and my PC is not as strong as it was. I have been playing Fortnite for two seasons where i just today got to level 200 meaning i have all the battlepass stuff unlocked (again). It’s been fun playing off stream while at work. I am looking forward to the new states to come out for America Truck Simulator. As for the PC in general I need a new capture card for better optimized streaming. It died on me and now my graphics card is slowly dieing so I need a new one eventually!

I’m still active in the gaming community! I’ve been watching a lot of speed runners and one in particular is Coy who streams A Link of the Past randomizer. I’m trying my best to watch people on VIMM if there are any to watch at the times i do have time to watch.

Been pretty active in a new social website called Mushroom. It’s not crypto based sadly but it’s got some good people on it. Some of their systems needs work on like the discord notification and some other minor things but it’s ok.

As for non gaming things Marvel is my thing right now with Phase 4 taking shape! Been watching the shows and movies to get to know what is going on and to understand as well. I’ve also been into the new star wars shows and looking forward to seeing obiwan which comes out today actually! Maverick comes out this weekend finally so hope that movie doesn’t flop with all the dam hype. Saw Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers that came out last week. Very interesting! It seemed like a modern day Roger Rabbit!

That’s all i can think of for now. I hope to get into this again and be as active as i was. It’s going to be a more of a variety of posts and not just gaming. It’s nice to share a few things from time to time. Hope the rest of you are doing well in your lives.

American Truck Simulator – Visiting Devil’s Tower

I’ve started playing American Truck Simulator again and noticed they have landmarks that have Cinematics and are actually realistic when it comes to visiting the locations. One of them in Particular is Devil’s Tower which is based in Crooke County, Wyoming. So why this location? I just love looking at mountains and this one in particular caught my eye from afar! I had to check it out!

Yes i know that’s Optimus Prime! I love being able to drive around with that skin but that’s not the point to this post. American Truck Simulator has come a long way when it comes to graphics! They have gotten so much better they actually started redoing parts of California! There are so many places to go to and this is one of them! Here are some more photos!

I’ve actually started making videos of the Landmarks I have visited in my last few sessions on twitch. You can check them out in my collection on twitch which will be updated when i add more locations.

Subnautica: Below Zero Seaworthy Update

It’s finally here! The actual final game! No joke this time! There is an actual release date for version 1.0 which will make the game available not only on steam which is where we’ve been currently playing the Early Access but it will be playable on other consoles as well! On May 14th, 2021 Subnautica: Below Zero will be on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch.

As usual with every update i will be doing a full play of the game and this time we can get to see the actual ending! Yes this version is available right now for people with early access on STEAM.

What’s in store for us? Will we ever figure out who ALEN is and his connection to this area of the planet. Will know for sure when i livestream the full gameplay hopefully next weekend which is March 5th. Be sure to follow me on twitter and when i will announce the time i plan to broadcast the gameplay exclusively on

New House!

For the past few months i have been in the process of moving to a new home since the condo life needs to end. I got tired of being too close to my neighbors to the point i can hear them all day and lose sleep since i slept during the day due to working the night shift. A friend of our family was wanting to sell her house and what perfect timing too. The problem was she was renting it out and had to wait on the tenent to move out. The day that happened i came by the house to properly get a look at it!

I was so excited to start the process of moving in but there were things needed to be done to the house before i moved in. I changed out the carpet, painted almost all the rooms, fixed some pipes, updated some electrical plugs and cleaned up the yard amongst other things. After a month of working on things I finally settled in!

I am really happy about doing this! Ever since the move I’ve felt better! Felt more free! Come spring i can to do more stuff to the house such as clean up the overall yard and plant new things, work on back yard area and setup a hangout/grilling area. The font porch can get a good pressure wash as well as the back too. Get a good cleaning on the windows from the outside.

Special Edition Transformers

If you have not noticed by now or at least seen some of the background of my current streaming room I do have a collection of transformers. Tranformers has been my thing since I was 6 years old or in other words since tranformers came out in the 80’s. I have seen them all from the original G1 up to the latest shows that only air online. Each series has their own toys and as much as i want them all I don’t have the resources to get them. I do have a decent collection. I have a G1 and G2 optimus prime, an armada version of him as well as a version from Tranformers Animated. I do have some variations of Megatron as well as Bumblebee and a few other autobots and decepticons from different series. When it comes to the ones I have it’s the ones i really want but may be hard to find since they are either not out yet or they are sold out! These are not any ordinary autobots!


Gigawatt was the 1st special edition I learned about earlier this year. If you can notice this is the Delorean from Back to the Future. You may have seen me ware a shirt in the past with a similar look with “Marty McPrime”


Ecto-1 is the iconic car from the movie Ghostbusters. This special edition is actually based on the crossover comic book Transformers/Ghostbusters: Ghosts of Cybertron where i originally purchased it on humble bundle when they had a huge crossover bundle of comics of transformers within other universes! I was already aware of this collectors item but it was sold out real quick due to the popularity and I hope to get my hands on it if i see it in a store.


When you look at this in plane mode you are probally saying “oh god not another decepticon jet!” Well good news it’s another autobot! This is the same Grumman F-14 Tomcat jet from the movie Top Gun. This jet is named after the pilot who is performed by Tom Cruise. This particular transformer was also sold out real quick since it was announced a little after the trailer for the new Top Gun movie came out. Guess i have to see if i can get this in a store eventually as well!

X-Men Jet

Lastly there is the most iconic jet in the Marvel Universe that is known to be the main trasportation for the X-Men. This jet turns into a robot that looks like a mixture of Cyclops and Wolverine. This is the latest transformer that has been announced (2 day before this blog entry) and i gotta say this is one of the best ones out so far! With it looking like two of the most popular xmen you know this one is on everyones wish list! It sure is on mine! It is said this is to be sold at Target and Gamestop when it comes out in March 2021. As i write this it’s not even available for pre-purchase yet! As usual i am going to wait till i can get my hands in it in a store. Just hope there are not too many locals looking out for this bad boy!

There are many more transformers out there that are special editions. Some are just alternate paint jobs. Some are reissues with minor alterations to make them more realistic in their transformations. There are so many that even if i do win the lottery it’s not enough! I’m just glad there are a variety out there that many can enjoy. Do you collect transformers too? If so let me know which ones you have that you like the most!