BF2 patch and new rank!

Well the new patch finnaly came out today and I patched up. funny how after my 1st kill I was ranked up from private to private 1st class!?! It was like eveyone was giveing a rank up for free since the patch came out. maybe a glitch but who cares! I am finnally up a rank and almost on my next rank as well? did they beef up the ranking system? not sure? be nice to get rid of private in my ranks and get a real rank soon.

I gotta say this! I really REALLY suck as a medic. as much as it helps get your ranked up it is hard to watch out to help others as well as yourself. I rather just stay as special forces and being a sniper since both seem to be related to being solo. As so my name Snake I need to go by the name since “there can only be one solid snake” I am a loner on the battlefield an want to stay that way. I will still be a squad leader but the others need to just follow my orders. I will watch over them and make sure every goes as planned.

ok i am pooped from playing and going to rest now.

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