well I am a corporal now! funny how i got ranked though. I was fighting someone in a tank and they blew me up. somehow I shot at him before i died and it hit but did not kill but my teamate killed him and gave me the point that triggered the rank adcanvement. weird way to get ranked up but it happend. I got my basics as a medic award as well. I think i am better as a medic on the city maps and being spec ops on the huge wide open maps. I am woeking on my sniper skills still but need to find the spots that work. One guy camped the same spot the whole time and when he died he went to the same spot again. I hate enemy autiliray especially when they killed me when i was trying to take it out! happens many time but they are hurting their selves when they do that 🙂 it’s like doing the job for me 🙂

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