Today was the last day of a 3 day event called MACE which stands for god knows what. I was originally there for the computer gaming part but the other stuff was quite interesting. 1st of all our part was canceled due to power issues but they offered us to stay in a suit for the trouble we had so 10 of us had the lan party in the hotel room suit which was not bad at all. we played some games and often took a break and went downstairs to check out the freak show. There was this thing called LARP which means Live Action Role Play and those people were the real freaks. There was a king and queen and some other kinds of people and the kind would be like “I command you to bang your head and sing a song” and the person would do it. bunch of weirdos! Then there were people playing god knows what with little figurines. Also I watch some people play some weird card games I never heard of. There was also DOOM the board game and i was like WTF! Overall it was a fun experience but we will never have a lan party there again but I would love to see the weirdos again 😉

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