24 hours later – Day 1 of 3 day headstart

It’s been 24 hours since the servers were turned on! Boy was it a fun first hour since the servers were overloaded with anxios people wanting to get in! Around 2am eastern the servers started to calm down and people can get along with their stories. So far my storyline is going well. Here is how it goes so far:

“I saved the orphanage from big nose ted and his goons. I earned the respect from the …. and they somehow told me that my sister was still alive! Shocked to hear this I rushed to the swamps to look for her at her last known location but the centairs are in battle with the ettins and I have been recruited to help out. All I want to do is find my sister!”

Translation is I played to level 14 and almost cleared the whole starting area for humans. The special scenic areas are so pretty I wish i can get a screen shot. I plan on doing some on my day off. As for leveling here is what i did so far. I am working on Tailoring and Jewel Crafting. Both are almost at the same level being over 25 and unlocked some stuff naturally as well as some stuff i found out by experimenting. I got excited when I learned you can find stuff on your own without having to buy scrolls unlike WOW but I don’t want to go that route and want to keep this blog clean. Basically this game goes more into realism. There is a lot of hard work to get stuff created and i like that. I wonder what cooking will be like? I do have a lot of ingrediants and might have my warrior do cooking once i get him started. Not sure if the bank is account wide but if now i can always send myself the items. As for exploreing I think i am 98% of the starting area? I have one more heart and two waypoints to find so that will be done later in the day after I get some good nights rest. So far I am likeing this game and looking forward to seeing what my adventures lead me to.

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