72 hour later – Day 3 of 3 Day Headstart

Well the stomache bug is gone and i can game again. Continueing on with Pyromancer Joe i finnaly found my sister. Here is how the goes so far.

Personal Log of Pyromancer Joe:

“I went to find the kidnapper of my sister in hopes to find her myself. Ends out we had a traitor afterall. He didn’t like what he did but was only following orders. Gotta love soldiers that don’t think. Captain Takory and I headed out to the prison camp to rescue all of falcon team. My sister was one of the survivors and we are together at last! The queen was pleased with what we have done she had made me an honor guard. Currently on my first assignment and not sure how this will go but overall I am just happy everyone was ok and we all can get on with out lives and help defend kryta.”

I gotta say I am really impressed with the game so far and no issues other then the trading system is still down. I have a bunch of jewelry to sell. I started my Charr Ranger and played it for a bit. I learned something new and unexpected! I started my leather working and made whatever I could collect. I knew about the storage when I go to the leather making station but didn’t know it was account wide! That is great cause i was able to create new bags with the leather I been collecting on pyromancer joe. Heck I might end up creating bags both leather and tailoring for all my characters that start up since it still give me points. Can’t quite figure out leveling up my crafting but will figure it out eventually.

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