Level 45

Been playing for over a week now and getting up there. Been following my storyline until it got to high level for me to do it so i would explore certain areas that are beneficial to my level. Finished 5 zones and two major towns. Never got to getting a snapshot but here you go! Here is Pyromancer Joe with his latest style!

For those who care about how my unique story line is going here is how it continues so far. Been doing a lot so my memory is a little foggy on details and plan to get more entries done as I finish parts of the story.

“A storms a brewing and it’s not good. It seem like the dead is coming back to life and attacking the living. Not sure what is going on and many teams throughout tyria are looking into it. I joined the vigil to attack the source head on. I am not afraid and wish I were fighting but stratagy come first. So far we have learned that this is not going to be easy. Some of our best warriors have turned to the undead and not sure why. We figured out the source and it’s not good. The dragon lord is back after all these years and he is raising a huge army. It is up to us to join forces with the other continents if we ever want to take the dragon down.

I personally looked into talking to the Hylek since they are an enigma and wanted to learn more about their kind. If seems they worship the sun and talk about a sun god. They claim that the sun god chooses the winner of the tournament and is able to speak on their behalf. This was the only way I could convince then of what to come. The tournament was easy and i earned they respect real quick. Their high priestess was not amused and tried to figure out what i was trying to tell them herself. Somehow that was a bad idea because she turned into the undead and now the hylek don’t have a leader or a home all because of the onslaught the undead did to their land. The Hylek did however say they would ally with us and are now looking for a new home.

On our journey back to lions arche we learned that people were missing and the undead have been spotted in the sewers. I really did not want to get involved but i have no choice since i am warmonger now and it is my duty to protect my own.”

Like I said my memory was a little foggy and that is the best i remember how to say it in my own words. Basically it came down to this. I talked to the hylek and did their stupid tests and then the undead came and we fought them for a while. We won the battle but a lot of lost so the hylek were forced to move. In the meantime the general promoted me to warmonger and that is the best way I can explain it. What i might end up doing is taking snapshots of in game journal entries to help you (my readers) understand. I did learn one thing and that everyone is sorta doing same story but they do it based on their decision. It turns out they follow the same routes but the outcome is different for all. I guess with 5 different races and 6 professions there are different scenarios but in the end we all share the same story. This is mine and I am Pyromancer Joe

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