Update on gaming

So it seems i haven’t posted anything in a while as well as streaming. I am taking a break from twitch as well as having too many issues with my internet to even stream on twitch but doesn’t mean i can’t game. For the past few months I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 and leveling all my alts to level 80. At the time i started my main and my 1st alt were already level 80. I wanted to speed up the process and have been saving up on Tomes of Knowledge which allow one level per use and i had about 25 of them! I had a birthday boost that allowed starting a new character and boost up to 20 right away. I used up all my tomes and my warrior was level 45 in less then 1 min! I then did nothing but low level areas meaning all start zones for all races. Doing so allowed me to get as high as 75 and i acquired 5 more tomes allowing me to level to 80. 1 down 4 to go. The last 3 character were roughly level 25 or so naturally since i was only playing around with them for a short time. At the time i started on those characters a new daily system became active. For every day you log in you got a reward and every 6 days you got a tome of knowledge pack where it was 1 tome, 2 tomes, 3 tomes 4 tomes and finally on the last day of the 28 days you can have a choice of getting tomes which is 6 of them with a total of 16 per month. During the month i would work on a character and was able to obtain more tomes of knowledge from chest drops as i did in the past. It was easier to level as i thought doing the routine i was doing. Pretty much after leveling my last character to 80 i was tired of playing the same maps over and over i decided to give it a rest and get into another game. You guessed it…Minecraft

Version 1.8 has been out for a few months now but there are not a lot of mods to play with. I was able to find a few that i liked and put them together. You can learn more of the progress at shucraft.shufunk.net

With 1.8 still new and buggy with certain mods i decided to revert to 1.7.10 with more mods available to play with and hell of a lot less buggy of course. All the mods i used in 1.6.4 are in there as well as some newer ones. I really wanna stream the debut but worried about my internet still. Lets see what happens. Be sure to check out twitch.tv/shufunk and follow if you haven’t already. I plan to stream some before work and as usual while at work but only during downtime.

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