Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

The latest expansion for Guild Wars 2 came out 10 days ago and boy have i been having fun with it! Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire introduced a lot of new features as well as a lot of new land to explore!


Path of Fire is the perfect name for the expansion since mainly you are hunting down the God of War himself Balthazar who’s main goal is to break the balance of the elder dragons. You head south to the crystal desert and revisit elona! There are a lot of Guild Wars one references when it comes to landmarks and interacting with followers of old groups such as the Sunspears, King Palawa Joko, and Kormir. Crazy to think there is an actual link to Nightfall which is an expansion surely enjoyed in Guild Wars 1.

In this expansion they introduced Mounts which were unique in their own way. Where they are good for traveling faster there are also some perks when it comes to learning how to use them. The Raptor is able to leap in far distances where if you were being chased and need to get away and see a cliff that is “jumpable” just do a leap and you are safe! Leaping in general is a great way to boost speed! The Springer is a cross of a kagaroo and rabbit! Not as fast as the raptor and can’t leap far as the raptor but it sure can help you get to higher ground! The Skimmer is so far the slowest of the the mounts but it’s great to traveling over quick sand and water. It also has some climbing abilities but not that great but i have yet to upgrade my skills to know if i can go faster or do anything more with it. Now there are two more mounts that i have yet to find/use. The 1st one is The Jackel which teleports short distances and can go through special portals you see throughout the land. It wasn’t needed in the actual main story but probally will be needed in Season 4 of the Living World Series. Lastly there is a mount that can actually fly! It’s not easy to obtain and you have to beat the game in order to start obtaining it. I really don’t know anything about it other then what i read on the wiki and seen a few people who already obtained theirs so it seems to be easy to obtain if you have the time to do so. We shall see.

Overall it was a fun expansion and well worth the purchase! The cool thing is you can use the mounts outside of the desert area! I actually went to areas you are not even supposed to go due to The Spingers jumping height. I don’t wanna spoil a lot but i do wanna share a part of the game that i thought was the most interesting part of the game!

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