6 years of minecraft!

That popped up on facebook earlier as i was checking it and boy am i surpised how long i have been playing Minecaft! This video was made on this day 6 years ago and I have been playing the game already for a month already. I was excited to show off my world! Somehow the links within the video is broken but here is the interactive tour video.

I am so amazed how much has changed both in the game and how i play it! In the past 6 years i have made 3 modpacks and in the process of a 4th one. The map generation itself has changed dramatically since¬†Beta 1.8.1¬†which was the version I played when i 1st purchased the game for $9.99 where at that time i wish i bought it sooner for $5 a few months before. Heck now the game is like $26.95 so not really complaining! Got my moneys worth and even bought another account for like $14.99 before Mojang was bought by Microsoft. Wonder what’s in store for the game in the next 5-10 years? I know they are pushing for Augment Reality version of the game with the Hololens but that is still in alpha stages and super expensive! Maybe if i win the lottery i will invest in the gear to play it that way. For now what we have now is good enough and i could not be more happy! Still a great game to get into as a way to get out of reality and get into a world of your own!

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