ShuCraft 3 Released

Even with me being busy playing Elite Dangerous I did not forget about the modpack! This version is based on Minecraft 1.12.2 and is pretty much like the past two versions with a few new mods. You can find the list of all the mods on the website but here is a list of some of the newest mods.

Just a few fish

Fish can actually be seen in the water and you can even make a proper fish tank where fish will spawn and swim around. You can still fish for them with a rod or you can kill them with a sword if you are lucky to hit one.

jglrxavpok’s Uncrafting Table

Just as the name of the mod says it’s an uncrafting table. What makes it different from the others in the past it actually allow you to uncraft almost anything but you need to sacrifice XP in order to do so! Great mod to use to get rid of excess XP.

NOTE: You can not automate it so don’t ask!


Just a mod that allows you to do more to houses and it’s best used for people who like to make roller coasters and make it look proper.


While at first you’d think it’s another uncrafting table it’s not! This mod allows you to make certain things from vanilla that don’t normally have recipes. No more needing to go creative to get certain things anymore!

Fence Jumper

Just as the name says it allows you to jump over fences! I always hated this wasn’t a vanilla feature!

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