No Man’s Sky

I’ve been busy these couple of weeks. I was watching a streamer play this one day and he convinced me to give it a try. That was a bad idea cause i played this almost non stop for the next two weeks! I personally feel this is a replacement for Elite Dangerous with the things you can do in this game like actually visiting planets with plants, trees, water, animals, etc! I just really love the Exploration all together! 

There are 5 main  species in the game. 

You pretty much start as an Anomaly but you can change the way you look if you want. I chose to play as a Gek and learn more about their language! Not sure how many words you can learn from each species but I played long enough in the Gek areas of space that i almost read full english with them. The Korvax and the Yykeen are ok and i visit their systems if i have to and will eventually learn every single word there is but there is tons to learn. In the meantime i have setup a main base and have many sub stations within the galaxy. I already been to the center of the galaxy and “started over” so don’t get overly attached to your 1st base cause if you are achievement hunting you need to go to another galaxy to get more stuff. Good news i was able to keep all my ships and my freighter so it wasn’t a total loss. 

Is this game worth it? YES! 100%! It’s a game you can easily come back to. It’s still got it’s bugs but they do patch more often then Elite do and in fact their team is smaller then elite so that shows dedication there. 

I will be making a video as soon as i can with more details about this game so be sure to look out for one soon. i will try not to make you wait too long. If all else fails i do play this on twitch so if you ever catch me playing this game live feel free to ask me anything about it.

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