Guild Wars 2 – Getting the skyscale

For the past month and a half I have been working on unlocking the skyscale. It consisted and many tasks such as going to many locations in the southern region of the world. I did it all! Found the different kinds of skyscale. Learned they were sick and found a cure. Helped preserve them by collecting their eggs. Hatched my very own skyscale. Helped it grow and bond with it. The last thing that was slowing me down was getting the saddle to put on it. I didn’t realize how much it cost to get all the pieces. I had to grind to get the currency i needed to buy each part of this custom saddle. It was tough with one character. I thought it would take me months to get the currency i needed and was about to give up but then i was told i can use any character in a zone per day to get more. With that i used two other characters to help get things done faster. That did the job! I now have the currency i need for the saddle parts. The video above is me getting all the part and getting used to flying her to get it unlocked. The time it took was well worth it and glad to finally get her.

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