STEEM integration

I been experimenting with for the past few months and enjoy posting there. Then i was wondering if i can find a way to post on this website and then have it auto post to steemit as well? I found a plugin called SteemPress and it looks like it does the job for me! I can continue to post on here and then followers on my steemit can see the exact same content from here and i can get upvotes and comments on there instead of them relying on coming here to comment. The good thing about steemit in general is it’s on the STEEM blockchain meaning i can never lose my blog post ever again! In a way it’s like a backup but at the same time i am able to reach out to another audience as well. Lets see how this work shall we? When i submit this post it should be mirrored on my steemit blog so if you are reading this on steemit then you can see it on as well.

My main goal is to post on here like i have and not worry about creating seperate posts on both platforms for the same topic/post. I was sorta doing that but the way i run my steemit blog is different then how i treat this website. In short i do blog posts when i go live on VIMM which auto post to my steemit. Those posts are short stories of what the livestream session is all about. Think of it as an auto post to twitter. That is another topic for another day but for now i hope this post goes through.

Edit: I am doing an edit on to see if it auto updated on steemit. I would rarely have to do this but it’s a feature I wanna test.

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