Guild Wars 2 – Getting the skyscale

For the past month and a half I have been working on unlocking the skyscale. It consisted and many tasks such as going to many locations in the southern region of the world. I did it all! Found the different kinds of skyscale. Learned they were sick and found a cure. Helped preserve them by collecting their eggs. Hatched my very own skyscale. Helped it grow and bond with it. The last thing that was slowing me down was getting the saddle to put on it. I didn’t realize how much it cost to get all the pieces. I had to grind to get the currency i needed to buy each part of this custom saddle. It was tough with one character. I thought it would take me months to get the currency i needed and was about to give up but then i was told i can use any character in a zone per day to get more. With that i used two other characters to help get things done faster. That did the job! I now have the currency i need for the saddle parts. The video above is me getting all the part and getting used to flying her to get it unlocked. The time it took was well worth it and glad to finally get her.

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Steam Summer Sale 2019

The Steam Summer Sale started yesterday and as always they have a lot of great deals. Even great that some games on my wish list have a bigger percentage off!

South Park: The fractured but whole is on sale at 90% off! You can buy the normal game for $5.99 or the gold edition which allows you to play all the DLC’s for $9.99! I gotta say the gold edition is a steal! If you don’t own the 1st game then i recommend the bundled version Which is on sale for $10.78! Both games are worth it for the South Park fans out there.

American Truck Simulator is on sale and with the latest DLC (Washington State) there is a great deal for those who don’t own the game yet. The core game itself it on sale for $4.99 where you get California, Nevada and Arizona. You can have the rest of the coast line by getting Washington and Oregon along side with the forestry DLC for 21.24. Sadly there isn’t a bundle for all states but they have a good one with content where you get the base game and New Mexico along with the Heavy Haul which allows you to do escorted hauls for big bucks! You also get some neat cosmetic DLC’s along with it. That is on sale for $8.28 if you don’t with to get the whole thing. I do want to say if you wish to get all the DLC’s in a bundle it’s possible but you just won’t get more copies of the core game. Steam just factors out the cost and readjust the bundle accordenly. You still get a good offer for the bundles so you can get all states and the special DLC’s for a good low price. I suggest you buy them now when you can cause bundle prices like these are rare for this game.

There are many other sales going on and too many to list. These are just two that i been looking at for while and have bought both. They normally add some games throughout the sale so be sure to check from now till the last day which is July 9th on what game you may add to your collection.

Before i forget to mention there is some mini game going on and i am really not sure how it works properly to talk about it in this blog post. To summarize there seems to be a curated list of games you need to play and certain task you got to do to help get your racing team in the lead. Each day whatever team wins 3 random people get a free game in their wish list. The winning team with the most points at the end of the summer sale 3 random people get 3 games from their wish list? This is a weird one for sure but you can look for yourself on the rules and stuff at

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New facebook page!

Decided to create a Facebook page finally! Not sure how much i will use it but it’s there now! I even did a test livestream on it as a podcast! Check it out and like/follow

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Winning the Rastakahn’s Rumble!

After countless times of trying I finally defeated the last boss on Rastakhan’s Rumble thanks to the help of my viewers on twitch. Many thanks to Matke760 and xenon_jay for their knowledge of the game mechanics to help me understand how and why things work. Playing card games like this is hard for a person like me but it’s really fun once you get to know about it

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Subnautica: Below Zero – Early Access 1st gameplay

I just bought the game today and playing this for the 1st time blind! I haven’t watched any others play this yet so i am truly experiencing this for the 1st time. I am well aware of possible bugs and have reported what i spotted. Can’t wait to see how the progression of this game!

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