My necro finnaly made it and I did the bonus for dunes of despair without breaking a sweat! I learned something new today. I learned how the necrotic traversal spell makes me teleport to a dead corpse and I realized that even though almost all enemies on that map are made of bone and no flesh I was not able to do anything. then it hit me! the 1st of the 3 generals is a snake so we killed him without killing the evil ghost that controled the pedastal. then I teleported to his body and waited for the people with vamperic weapons to kill themselves. I then used rebirth to resurect them and teleport them to me. After that we went after the 2 other generals and got the bonus without triggering the mission. I can’t believe that was so easy! I will try that again and make money off that deal.

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yet another guild wars update

Well i am about 5 more missions to go until I am protector of Tyria with my necro. What is stopping me is Dunes of Despair which BTW is hard as hell to do bonus with A BUNCH OF NOOBS playing with you and scared to do bonus while really all you need is the monk to stay with the boss and the rest go for the generals! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!

One bonus i know will take the longest to attempt is the one you have to kill all the dragons just to get to glent who is like the master of all dragons! with my necro skills and a mesmer we can kick ass but we need good people to help distract the beast while we suck the life out of her. I have plan but it takes a guild/alliance to do it since we all get along.

The last 3 I have to get to 1st and that is on that hellish looking island. It will take a LONG time to do both mission and bonus but I will need a day off from work to do such missions. Speaking of a job I got a job at the airport working on the ground with the planes. Unloading and Loading, Guiding the plane into the docking area, Sorting the incoming luggage (people about to leave) and putting the incoming luggage on the belt thing for people to get (People arriving at the airport and wanting to go home so bad)

I really don’t want to get into talking about more but I do want to say this! I may have a full time job now but I still keep my title of Gamer for Life! I can still play them before work or on my days off.

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update on necro

I have been slacking lately with the job hunt and all but that does not stop me from playing. I am 2 missions away from ascending my level 20 necro who has been the best! people say being a necro in Guild Wars is an easy job!? Keeping my menions alive is really tough but easy to res them all back but you have to kill a lot and try not to get killed at the same time. When I get ascended I will work my way to the ring of fire but that would take just as long. by the time i do that i might have money for factions and i will be working on my assassin character. heck with 2 more slots I will play around with a mesmer so i can at least unlock junk. I will hate the character but I at least tried one.

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guildwars news

I was starting to get annoyed with pyromancer joe so I started a necromancer character and in RP she is Abigors sister! so far i love her and already at level 13! with the help of abigors unlocks I advanced faster and stayed alive longer then others. My advice is to have necro as a secondary before you start a full blooded necro.

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Days of Defeat Source

I have been burned out of Freelancer and started playing Days of Defeat Source cause i would hate to buy it and never play it. I love this game! A bunch of guys from the Asylum Community opened a private server and we just play and have a good time. It is good to see others interested in another game other then freelancer. As for right now we just play for fun. there might be a time where we might start a DOD clan but not sure about that. if we do I might have to leave TAG but I kind of not wanna do that. I guess I can be a runner. oh well…

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