Asylum version 3.1 coming out today!

that is correct! another version of the asylum 51 mod is coming out and this time it is going to be a good one! MY NEW SHIP WILL BE IN IT!!! I am so exited! here is what it looks like:

Hellfire Leader Ship

Other then this ship another one will be released and it is “the ship” and you will need a “license” to fly it. This ship is almost invincible and it will take 3 Gunboats and a few fighters to take it down! So far only clan leaders will be eligible and I know I will be able to fly. I somehow can’t find a Screen Shot of the ship so until then I will edit this post to add it. I am going to be busy tonight so pray I don’t die from exhaustion of killing everyone in game!

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a gamers life ending…

HELL NO!!! I bet the topic scared some of you reading. Yes I have been titled gamer for life but there are times I need to get away from them. What’s sad is lately I have not been gaming as much as I want to. This is due to RL issues such as no job! Now some of you might ask me “do you think gaming has prevented you from keeping a job?” my answer is no cause I know many gamers that play just as much as I do and have sucessfull jobs. Me…well I just land on the wrong jobs. I just need to really get out there and find one that i am not going to get fired from in less then 2 months like my last one. I still believe that one of the employees brainwashed the store owner and turning him against me for no reason. I just hate people like that! I am not even going into details on my last job so that is all you will know! As for job hunting I have a few leads but ended out being turned down. I am still searching as I type. reason I am typeing right now is I just wanted to keep all yall up to date on what is going on and that i am still alive.

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not another GW update!

I love the title since lately I have done nothng but post Guild Wars updates but this one is different. 1st I would like to say after long hours of playing I have 3 players assended and my main character for which was a monk/necromancer is now a monk/ranger mostly meaning I did a second profession change! somehow I was supposed to have 200 attribute points after doing this and somehow I missed one? I backtracked and talked to every NPC in the area and I did not miss a quest? not sure what is going on there.

Guild Wars Factions is out but I am unable to play it due to not enough money but that does not stop me from waiting like i did for GW. The only problem is ever since they released it my regular game is messing up and I reinstalled it to see if it would fix it? no! I reinstalled my drivers! that did not fix it! I know it’s not windows! I am totaly unsure of what is going on! I want to play so bad but somehow there is LAG and it’s not internet connection related! It is really hard to explain and I would have a snapshot but when i took one it looked fine? some weird shit going on! oh well…..back to natural selection for the time being.

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holy cow!

I was looking at my xfire profile just now and looky what I saw!

Looks like I have been playing Guild Wars too much. Just look at the hours this past month! BTW it has been close to over a month since i got the game and you can see the results. Speaking of results I have 1 character that is assended and infused (whatever that is) 1 character getting ready to be assended and 1 just starting. I have a 4th but not sure about it stil for I am not happy with herl. No pics this time but will get some good ones if I ever find them.

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I am not dead…yet

the title says it all. Ever since I got Guild Wars that is all I play and I am totaly hooked. I have a monk that is at level 17 and 2 missions away from being acended mostly meaning I am done with going up in ranks but I can still level up in skills. There is soo much I missed and suprised on all the short cuts. once I am acended I can do all the hard missions with ease! Also I can help newbies and get money off them. As for me being dead i am suprised I am not since I have been playing almost non stop. I break to go to work and that’s it! I know that sounds bad and I am forceing myself to stop playing for a while. in fact I have not played in 14 hours so far. that is a record! Well that is all from me. here is some snapshots i took to finish this entry off!

Abigor is my female warrior and pictured with me is Winged Zero who is a monk

My female monk watching a “stripper” and funny how normally there is no one in that cage!

This is the coolest thing I ever saw! It looked like they both were getting ready for a big battle and she wanted him to hold her before the both departed.

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