Freelancer roleplay news

Yesterday I started posting some news related to the roleplaying in the asylum server. It was a busy day yesterday not only for me but for being part of the SNN and trying to get a good story going. Check it out at under the text section to see what I wrote. I love this kind of roleplay and hope to see more action such as this in the future.

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not sure if I mentioned this in the past but I am in a freelancer clan called the hellfire. we are are a roleplaying clan. with that said I will spread the good news. I have finally made my way up to demon knight which is 1 more step towards demon lord. I am now commander of the 3rd leagon and if I do good enough I will soon be demon lord.

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asylum update

last week the newest version of the asylum officially came out. this time it was not a beta so this was the one. the outcome was amazing. The server went from seeing 4 people online to 40 people in the server at almost all the time. This is great since the role play has gone back to full force. With this being said I like to mention some of the factions are starting out really poor. There is a faction named the Renegade Leagons and they claim to tax people going through a system that everyone passes the most. the problem with this is everyone is starting from scratch and there is no need to tax anyone quite yet. I think they should wait a month or so before they start doing that. for now I will just kill them since I am a demon and no one stops me from passing.

There is a new faction that is forming called the angels. they are our new sworn enemy. The current members are former SC members so I feel this will be fun since I personally know one of of the members was a former member of the SP (Shadow Pirates) where i was the leader and he was my co-leader. I left the SP and join the Hell Fire while he left and joined multiple factions ever since. I call him the confused freelancer.

That is all from the asylum and more soon i hope.

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Digital Havok lite

Today was the annual lan party at our headquarters. This event was a special event. WE voted to see who will be the new leaders of the TGC. everyone i voted for won but not a lot of people running since this was the 1st and some people are not really into wanting to help full time. I love going to lan parties but being a part of an organization is too much. I can stand helping seting up the room and junk but preping in advance as in making sure we have the room for the day and creating flyers and all that other stuff…I am getting off topic on other things so here I go.

We had a tournament in Counter-Strike Source. it was 9v9 for some odd reason. we played this map de_dust 2 and my team won both rounds. the 1st round we won 12-1 but the next round it was a close one 8-5. After that we were supposed to have a tournament in Days of Defeat Source but it was not official for some reason. my team lost anyways so good thing 😛 The last tournament we had was in the game Far Cry and the maps we played I love but cofuse me sometimes so it’s hard to compete. There are 2 ways of playing and that is assault or defend. I am so used to defending 1st and I acted as I was defending and it took me 5 minutes or at least until I noticed that we were assaulting all along and i could of captured the 1st base in the 1st 30 seconds! I will watch what it says when i 1st start cause if you miss it you will figure it out when it’s over.

I am a little disapoined there was no prize for the Counter-Strike Source tournament but i guess it was just for fun. maybe next time we might win something.

it’s been a long day and i am tired. I am off to bed. until next entry

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Empire Earth 2

I recently installed Empire Earth 2 and the game was not worth it. Hard as hell even in the easist of settings. too much junk on the screen for the UI and the buildings were hard to figure out what it was until you clicked it. The thing that disapointed me was the futureistic troops army selections. The robotics suck in this version and the nuclear bomb has no effect in the game. The old version when you fired a nuke it destroyed everything in it’s blast radius. in this one all it did was damage the buildings but they never went down. took 2 nukes to take a building down. as for the robot army…they seemed weak. I might just need to play this some more to get used to it and maybe change the way I feel about it.

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