Black and White 2

I recently installed Black and White 2 and that was a bad idea! I can’t stop playing it! What makes this different from the 1st one is how you build stuff. you can build stuff so easily in the game it’s not funny. Also i love how you can have an army but having an army makes you evil and i see that it’s better building a city to win over an island then conquering it. well so far it’s like that but I am at a harder island now. We will see what happens.

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doom 3

If you are wondering why I have not posted in a while it is cause I have been playing Doom 3. I beat the game once back when i 1st got the game when it 1st came out but ever since the movie I wanted to compare the movie with the game and so far nothing relates. I am only half way anyways so i have a while to go. Hopefully soon I will figure it out.

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DOOM the Movie

This post is 2 days late but I was busy at work and other stuff….anyways!

I went to see DOOM with the รทTยชGรท Clan and boy was it a fun night. 1st thing we did was meet at hams restaurant. I invited some of my buddies to join us but one of them got drunk before we even ate! also he never ate anything so you know what happened there. So as you can guess he had to leave. Other then that I was still able to see the movie. The movie started out great! With the way the story was going it left you in suspense and wonder what was going to happen next. near the end of the movie they revealed what was really going on in mars and it spoiled the suspense. then after that everything was predictable and i was very unhappy! Also the very ending before the credits left me hanging! overall it was a good movie.

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more rewards

got 2 more rewards tonight. got a medal for basics as an engineer and I got a ribben for something but not in a particular field? something related to the US army and being in a squad. I assume the other armies have a simular ribben for that. I was kicking ass as an engineer tonight. I was sticking with my squad learner and repairing his tank when needed. also as his gunner I got bonus’s for just being in the tank helping out. what a way to get stats up ๐Ÿ™‚ I had enough for tonight. more to come soon.

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well I am a corporal now! funny how i got ranked though. I was fighting someone in a tank and they blew me up. somehow I shot at him before i died and it hit but did not kill but my teamate killed him and gave me the point that triggered the rank adcanvement. weird way to get ranked up but it happend. I got my basics as a medic award as well. I think i am better as a medic on the city maps and being spec ops on the huge wide open maps. I am woeking on my sniper skills still but need to find the spots that work. One guy camped the same spot the whole time and when he died he went to the same spot again. I hate enemy autiliray especially when they killed me when i was trying to take it out! happens many time but they are hurting their selves when they do that ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s like doing the job for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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