NES Legend of Zelda Overworld in Minecraft

ANorthernLord released a new map that is a 2:1 scale of the overworld map from Legend of Zelda! There are sadly no caves or dungeons but all the locations are there! I took a tour around the map showing off every detail that i can remember. Was very fun going around this map. Want to see for yourself? Download from this link

My Bitchute video tour if embed video is broken –

The Legend of Zelda map
The Legend of Zelda map
by ANorthernLord

ShuCraft 3.5 and ShuFactory 2 has been released!

A day late on announcing but both ShuCraft 3.5 and ShuFactory 2 have been released and are on the Twitch app for you to download and play! Both modpacks are identical but one is just a regular world and the other one is just a sky world. I had no way of knowing how to make it so people can do either way with only one pack cause during testing to allow such a feature it was too buggy to implement. Either way both packs are out there for anyone to enjoy and play!

ShuCraft 3.5

ShuFactory 2

I plan on streaming ShuCraft 3.5 starting on monday and see how far i can go with the new pack and show off the mods i added to the pack. I am excited to show off the mods since they make minecraft feel like a totaly new game! Can’t make the live stream? Don’t worry cause it will be a VOD on all platforms and i plan to upload to youtube as well.