Testing Exxp

Steempress was a plugin for wordpress that allowed you to post to the steem blockchain. In March of 2020 hive was created due to drama within the steem community. While i don’t want to get into details about that i do want to mention most dapps changed which platforms they supported. For a while steempress was posting to hive but just having the name “steem” was confusing to people so the head devs worked on rebranding.

Introducing Exxp. I have no clue what it means but all i know is it’s the same people behind the code. This blog/article is me testing the new plugin to see if it post to hive. I assume everything is the same. If you are reading on https://peakd.com/@shufunk then this has been successfully been setup.


Real talk with yours truly

For those who know me I been known to talk about games or nerd related stuff like computers or anything that is electronic. With everything that is going on in the world right now i wanted to put my foot down and talk about it. While there are many things i could of talked about i only wanted to talk about two things that effect me as well as others and what I am doing about it!

Link to Green Compass – https://shufunk.greencompassglobal.com/

Link to the charity mentioned in the video – https://tiltify.com/+tbc-stream-team/tbc-gaming-to-f-cancer

Gaming Blog – https://shufunk.net

Green Blog – https://green.shufunk.net

Tyrian Bullet Club (TBC) – https://tbc.team

Night of the Necromancer – A Guild Wars 2 Event hosted by TBC

Night of the Necromancers is an annual Guild Wars 2 Halloween charity event hosted by Tyrian Bullet Club [TBC]. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer while also gathering together as a community for a night of fun, games, prizes, and lots and lots of necros! This event is the largest gathering of necros in GW2 history, and we try to beat our record every year. All necros are welcome, from level 1 to 80, speced as vanilla necro, reaper, or scourge; but please don’t bring other classes as this is a necro-only event. So get your necro ready to join us for a night of festivities leading up to the grand finale, a necrotic invasion of Orr.

We hope to see you there!

More details on times for events can be seen on our website https://tbc.team/charity-events/night-of-the-necromancers/

We will be doing events throughout the month of October with NOTN at the end of the month. If you wish to donate now you can do so by visiting https://tiltify.com/+tbc-stream-team/tbc-gaming-to-f-cancer

Keep an eye out for Misstress Sabriel for that is my character