American Truck Simulator – Visiting Devil’s Tower

I’ve started playing American Truck Simulator again and noticed they have landmarks that have Cinematics and are actually realistic when it comes to visiting the locations. One of them in Particular is Devil’s Tower which is based in Crooke County, Wyoming. So why this location? I just love looking at mountains and this one in particular caught my eye from afar! I had to check it out!

Yes i know that’s Optimus Prime! I love being able to drive around with that skin but that’s not the point to this post. American Truck Simulator has come a long way when it comes to graphics! They have gotten so much better they actually started redoing parts of California! There are so many places to go to and this is one of them! Here are some more photos!

I’ve actually started making videos of the Landmarks I have visited in my last few sessions on twitch. You can check them out in my collection on twitch which will be updated when i add more locations.