Update on my life!

Hello everyone! I know it seems i have neglected this website as well as not streamed for the longest time but i really needed to take a break! Things has changed for me throughout the past few months and while i still consider myself a gamer for life I am not gaming as much as people may expect. I’m not in it for fame or fortune and just want to entertain as best as i can.

As for updates to my personal life it’s been pretty good ever since i moved in the new house! I’ve done many things to it along with my backyard which recently i bought a shed to store things.

The back yard looks like a mess but that will be fixed. I cleared up a bunch of dead trees covered with vines and going to make that area look more of a cleaner natural area.

I am currently in my 2nd season of being a host family and having a baseball player living with me during the season! It’s different having a professional player living with you and the perks to having access to other players is great! Our Pitching coach is Frank Viola! He played for the Metz is the late 80’s. I was going through my baseball cards and I found his card! I have it on display now along with a bobble head figure they gave out last season of frank.

Baseball in general has slowed my gaming down during the season and post season i pick it up again. Not many games that i want to play is coming out and my PC is not as strong as it was. I have been playing Fortnite for two seasons where i just today got to level 200 meaning i have all the battlepass stuff unlocked (again). It’s been fun playing off stream while at work. I am looking forward to the new states to come out for America Truck Simulator. As for the PC in general I need a new capture card for better optimized streaming. It died on me and now my graphics card is slowly dieing so I need a new one eventually!

I’m still active in the gaming community! I’ve been watching a lot of speed runners and one in particular is Coy who streams A Link of the Past randomizer. I’m trying my best to watch people on VIMM if there are any to watch at the times i do have time to watch.

Been pretty active in a new social website called Mushroom. It’s not crypto based sadly but it’s got some good people on it. Some of their systems needs work on like the discord notification and some other minor things but it’s ok.

As for non gaming things Marvel is my thing right now with Phase 4 taking shape! Been watching the shows and movies to get to know what is going on and to understand as well. I’ve also been into the new star wars shows and looking forward to seeing obiwan which comes out today actually! Maverick comes out this weekend finally so hope that movie doesn’t flop with all the dam hype. Saw Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers that came out last week. Very interesting! It seemed like a modern day Roger Rabbit!

That’s all i can think of for now. I hope to get into this again and be as active as i was. It’s going to be a more of a variety of posts and not just gaming. It’s nice to share a few things from time to time. Hope the rest of you are doing well in your lives.