Testing Exxp

Steempress was a plugin for wordpress that allowed you to post to the steem blockchain. In March of 2020 hive was created due to drama within the steem community. While i don’t want to get into details about that i do want to mention most dapps changed which platforms they supported. For a while steempress was posting to hive but just having the name “steem” was confusing to people so the head devs worked on rebranding.

Introducing Exxp. I have no clue what it means but all i know is it’s the same people behind the code. This blog/article is me testing the new plugin to see if it post to hive. I assume everything is the same. If you are reading on https://peakd.com/@shufunk then this has been successfully been setup.


Real talk with yours truly

For those who know me I been known to talk about games or nerd related stuff like computers or anything that is electronic. With everything that is going on in the world right now i wanted to put my foot down and talk about it. While there are many things i could of talked about i only wanted to talk about two things that effect me as well as others and what I am doing about it!

Link to Green Compass – https://shufunk.greencompassglobal.com/

Link to the charity mentioned in the video – https://tiltify.com/+tbc-stream-team/tbc-gaming-to-f-cancer

Gaming Blog – https://shufunk.net

Green Blog – https://green.shufunk.net

Tyrian Bullet Club (TBC) – https://tbc.team

Night of the Necromancer – A Guild Wars 2 Event hosted by TBC

Night of the Necromancers is an annual Guild Wars 2 Halloween charity event hosted by Tyrian Bullet Club [TBC]. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer while also gathering together as a community for a night of fun, games, prizes, and lots and lots of necros! This event is the largest gathering of necros in GW2 history, and we try to beat our record every year. All necros are welcome, from level 1 to 80, speced as vanilla necro, reaper, or scourge; but please don’t bring other classes as this is a necro-only event. So get your necro ready to join us for a night of festivities leading up to the grand finale, a necrotic invasion of Orr.

We hope to see you there!

More details on times for events can be seen on our website https://tbc.team/charity-events/night-of-the-necromancers/

We will be doing events throughout the month of October with NOTN at the end of the month. If you wish to donate now you can do so by visiting https://tiltify.com/+tbc-stream-team/tbc-gaming-to-f-cancer

Keep an eye out for Misstress Sabriel for that is my character

Journey to the Center of the Galaxy!

For those who may or may not know Elite Dangerous is a space simulator which allows one to travel our galaxy. The game consists of a 1:1 scale of what our galaxy would be like if we were to explore it all! There are not only millions but billions of stars out there! One in particular is the one in the center of our galaxy called Sagittarius A

The journey to the center of the galaxy is not an easy task. You gotta prep your trip by making sure you have the maximum jump range you can in the ship you choose to make your journey on. For the past year or so I have been working slowly on getting materials needed to outfit my ship for the long journey. It was until June 9th, 2020 when the fleet carrier finally came out and it was gonna be a tool in helping me get to my destination faster!

With a 500LY jump range you would think you can get there in no time! There was 2 parts of the planning . Part one was acquiring the carrier. I didn’t have the money or time to get the money but a friend of mine ThugGooch has been saving up and was able to get the carrier at day one of the launch. With that said we went to phase 2 which was gathering enough fuel for the journey there and beyond.

We learned the fuel for the Carrier is called Tritium. It can either be bought at trade stations or can be mined. Buying them is costly but faster while mining is slow but practically free! We were able to do both ways. With our friend Heavy Drinker who had enough for his own carrier decided to purchase as much tritium as he can! He bought the initial load of fuel as well as some more that we put in reserve. I was able to obtain a few tons as well as gooch just to see how long it will take to gather some by mining. Now mining them is no simple task! While it may be simple to find it’s the amount needed to maintain course! We calculated what we need to get to the center as well as Beagle Point which is mainly on the other side of the galaxy. We spent some time getting the fuel until we were ready to head out!

It was Friday September 4th when we decided to start our jouney! With some coordination on discord we are on our way!

We agreed to wait a bit between jumps to scan a few systems in hopes to find new discoveries. Since it took 15 minutes to jump with a minor cool down we had a 20-30 minute window to explore as much as we can. We were about half way into the trip when I got excited to find 2 waterworlds and nothing but metal rich worlds in a system with 3 stars! I had to scan it all! While i was lucky to scan them all i somehow got left behind since i noticed as i got back to the system the carrier was I jump in where i had to go around the massive sun to get in the line of sight of the carrier. By the time i got there I only had a few seconds to land! I missed the chance and was unable to dock! I was forced to go after the carrier! Good news in between I was able to get some decent prescans as i caught up so it was not that bad.

My part of the journey was at least 3 hours of traveling. Part of it was on the carrier while the rest was scanning! It was not until i woke up on September 10th around 4am when i was informed we were one carrier jump and one ship jump away from our destination! There was a space station so that is where we went before the final jump!

It was a beautiful site to see! I would never have imagined i would ever see the center of our galaxy in my lifetime even if it were to be a simulation! It was an amazing experience! Seeing all the stars in the area makes you truly know we are not the only ones and we will eventually find other lifeforms.

Next stop is Beagle Point which again is the most furthest you can journey in our galaxy from earth! While we have the carrier to help us it’s fuel that’s the problem. We slightly miscalculated how much fuel we need so as i type this i am unsure if we will continue on the carrier or end up continuing on with our exploration ships. While we are already this far there is no turning back. I will get to Beagle Point. When i will get there is unknown but it will be very soon.

I turn 40 today!

2020 has been a hell of a year so far! Lockdowns, Riots, No Baseball, No voices in two episodes of Guild Wars 2, the list can go on! There’s one thing that is good so far is that i am able to turn 40 and know i can celebrate with family and friends.

So you gotta ask yourself “what is it like to be 40?” Well for one thing you know you are old as fuck when you are about at as old as PACMAN! Empire Strikes Back, Airplane, and Caddyshack were in theaters! As for movies themselves it cost an average of $2.69 which these days you are lucky to even find a $2 theater with good movies. Hell because of covid new movies are streamable on day 1 of release but at high cost! Bill and Ted’s latest movie came out yesterday and cost $19.95 to watch it.

Gas prices are decent at least right now. Currently $1.82 and it was $1.19 back then. Problem with fuel prices it changes so often it can be really high or really low! Highest i remember paying is about $3.25 while the lowest i ever payed was back when i 1st started driving in 1996 when the price per gallon was 98 cents!

So what’s in store for the next 10 years? I hope to be in a new home by then. I am actually working on that now. It’s time to get out of the condo/apartment life and live in a real home. I hope to find a girl too and maybe have a kid. Who knows!? I may be single the rest of my life! Either way I am doing well and hears to another 60 years!

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Announcement

Today is the 8th anniversary of Guild Wars 2 and what a way to celebrate with the announcement of their next expansion “End of Dragons”

This March, we revealed that work has begun on a third Guild Wars 2 expansion. We’ve now prepared a surprise to celebrate Guild Wars 2‘s eighth anniversary.

Ancient voices reflect on Tyria’s history—and its future. Watch and listen…


I for one am excited to learn of this! I was always a fan of Guild Wars: Factions when that came out as the Expansion for the 1st game. The idea behind the ongoing battle between the Kurzicks and the Luxons was unique and a testing ground for what we have now as World vs World as well as Drizzlewood Coast.

What’s in store for this latest expansion? not sure yet since this was just a teaser. Judging by the video we will revisit cantha 200 years later. I predict there will probably be a new mount based on that region and may need a special license to use it elsewhere. As for a new class they will probably reintroduce the assassin which is technically a thief but more skilled in weapons. There may be a new weapon that any class can learn but with a different skill set to make things more interesting. These are just my thoughts of what are to be. Will know if my predictions come true as soon as more information is released in the next few months.

New Personal Best in The Getaway High Speed II – 323,669,670

Decided to play some pinball for old times sake. As some of you know i love The Getaway High Speed II as it’s one of my most played table on Pinball Arcade as Well as Pinball FX3. Yesterday (July 28th, 2020) I made another personal best on this table! Wasn’t even expecting it either! I managed to get Redline Mania which somehow gives extra balls while in that mode! I didn’t know that since it’s been a while since i got a chance to experience Redline Mania mode! Was pretty fun! Somehow i managed to get and extra ball in that mode so in total i had like 6 just in that session. Can i pull this off again? Now that i know more about the table i think i can rethink my strategy and get at least over 400 million.

Current PB as of July 28th, 2020 – 323,669,670

Recorded live on vimm.tv/shufunk

Decentralizing myself – Breaking habits from using main stream social media

The following is my thoughts and opinions on what i know about blockchain related websites and other decentralized websites. How i explain things may not make sense and/or may be wrong. Feel free to correct me in the comment section as I am willing to learn more.

It’s been a 1.5+ years since i learned of decentralization which is something i have been learning on my own through networking with many like minded people. It started when i was experimenting with dlive which is a streaming site on the LINO block chain. The idea was nice but how it was being handled didn’t really reel me in especially when a guy named justin sun stepped in and ruined the platform. I started looking for alternatives. That is when i learned of steemit which is a social network on the steem engine. While still not knowing what an engine really does I am always willing to learn new things. The idea behind steemit is nice! I found a way to connect this blog into the steem network so that whatever i post here is posted on steemit! I find that pretty neat! What else i found interesting is based on certain tags my post can show up on main pages of certain websites that are dedicated to certain topics but are on the steem network. For example there is a token called battle which at the time I started experimenting was on the steem network. The idea is to post on a chain that can be seen on the main network and subnetworks like the battle one.

In June of 2019 i learned of a new upcoming streaming platform that at the time was on the steem network. The name of the website is VIMM.

What i like about VIMM is it was on the steem network. It allowed me to post to my steemit without needing to do it manually. Something no other network could do. It allowed my channel to be dynamic so that every time i was live the bio was based on what the stream was all about. I wasn’t stuck with just a title. I was still restreaming at that time on mixer and twitch and boy was i in luck! The website provided me with a way to interact with chat on all 3 platforms even though vimm wasn’t on restream I can still connect my community. As for other connections there is a tool that allows me to relay vimm chat into discord. This is great since i had a way to do that for twitch and mixer already with the restream relay.

Things were going well until march of 2020 when there was word that Justin Sun took over the steemit platform where he wasn’t in direct control of steem but with his reputation it made a lot of people mad and wanting to pull away from him. At this time i am still learning about steem or at least how steem works and learned a group of people managed to clone steem and created HIVE. Hive in a way to help prevent people like Justin Sun to do unauthorized changes to the network. While this is well beyond my understanding I felt I was on the search again.

A little after the birth of HIVE spawned a website called PEAKD which technically is ran by the same people who ran STEEMPEAK. A few weeks after that the wordpress plugin i was using swapped to HIVE as well as VIMM. Pretty much all the steem apps that i was starting to use decided to move over to hive.

At this time I had to really figure out what to do. I was getting tired of twitch and how complicated it was getting to be recognized. Same with mixer who were all about the numbers and not about the community. Dlive was no better since while they seem to be all about community it’s really all about the lemon where personally to me it was the turks that ruined the website experience with all the begging and totally different mind set. That mainly leaves me with VIMM who knows what they are doing. They listen to their community. The idea behind vimm is to be about the community and not just the streamer.

So i found a streaming site and a social network but i need to work on more alternatives. What about video uploading sites? Youtube seems to become an issue when it comes to certain topics. I’m not one of those that always post controversial stuff but i have seen people who post legit videos and end up getting demonitized for no reason! I may not be in it for the money but i sure as hell not gonna use a service that takes you down for no reason. That is where i found a few alternatives that seem to work out.


Bitchute is a video sharing site that uses P2P technology to view videos. It also allows you to link your current youtube channel and any new video you upload there will be carried over to bitchute. i liked that idea at 1st since it was a way to have a backup of my videos. The only problem is there is a limit of how long the video has to be for it to migrate from youtube to bitchute automatically. You almost have to “upload twice” for videos that are more then an 5 hours long. I rarely had to upload videos that were that long unless it was a really story heavy game and i was too lazy to cut the video up. I rather upload unedited gameplay then cut up gameplay that leaves certain parts out. Bitchute is still being used by me and i tend to upload a few exclusive videos to bitchute as practice of getting away from mainstream media. With twitch being able to upload directly to youtube and then if not too long youtube to bitchute this was a system i can work with for now.


DTube is fairly new to me and not even sure how it even works. It’s said you can import your videos from youtube but what does that mean? Can i still upload to youtube and it clones the video like bitchute or is it just another way to embed the video with a different comment system. Interesting thing about this platform is it’s on STEEM and HIVE so while i am not primarily focusing on STEEM I can possible get rewarded in both currency’s even though I am not into it for the money. I hate i am even bringing this platform up but it exists and i hope to understand it better in the future. In the meantime i do have a channel just to secure it.


JoshWhoTV came to my attention when i saw a restreamer on dlive using it. It seems to be a youtube clone with both video uploading and livestreaming in one service. It even allows you to embed your video into a blog post. While it works very well in wordpress it sadly don’t show up on peakd or pretty much any blog related website on hive or steem. Until there is more compatiblity I may use this website more often.

I mention these 3 services since i actually used them at least once and do consider using them once I can disconnect with the main stream media. Youtube is too compatible with everything when it comes to wordpress and peakd. I am using bitchute as my backup since most of my latest videos less then 5 hours long are auto moving there. Sadly no embed code easily available for me to use so that is why i am sticking with youtube for now.

Lastly there are the twitter alternatives. With the topic of decentralization I actually have been working on this since April of 2017 when i found GAB. This twitter clone is meant to be ran by actual people and not by a company that is all in it for the money. While i like the idea I am not as engaged as I was and you can tell by seeing how often i post there. Twitter seems to be the best deal since a lot of websites support it but if you think about it peakd is a great alternative to twitter cause with vimm being easily integrated with peakd you can treat it as twitter. I still post to twitter when i go live or have a new video uploaded. I also still use it cause all my close friends and family members use it and they are not ready for these types of alternatives but i am keeping them in the know that they exist so if they ever want to change they know where to go. It will be some time till people start spreading out into other platforms.

NES Legend of Zelda Overworld in Minecraft

ANorthernLord released a new map that is a 2:1 scale of the overworld map from Legend of Zelda! There are sadly no caves or dungeons but all the locations are there! I took a tour around the map showing off every detail that i can remember. Was very fun going around this map. Want to see for yourself? Download from this link https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-legend-of-zelda-map-4598954/

My Bitchute video tour if embed video is broken – https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ssmGKSxS3V/

The Legend of Zelda map
The Legend of Zelda map
by ANorthernLord

ShuCraft 3.5 and ShuFactory 2 has been released!

A day late on announcing but both ShuCraft 3.5 and ShuFactory 2 have been released and are on the Twitch app for you to download and play! Both modpacks are identical but one is just a regular world and the other one is just a sky world. I had no way of knowing how to make it so people can do either way with only one pack cause during testing to allow such a feature it was too buggy to implement. Either way both packs are out there for anyone to enjoy and play!

ShuCraft 3.5


ShuFactory 2


I plan on streaming ShuCraft 3.5 starting on monday and see how far i can go with the new pack and show off the mods i added to the pack. I am excited to show off the mods since they make minecraft feel like a totaly new game! Can’t make the live stream? Don’t worry cause it will be a VOD on all platforms and i plan to upload to youtube as well.