This website is mostly a blog of the gaming adventures of Shufunk who is a Variety streamer on Twitch, Mixer, DLive and Vimm.tv! Shufunk has been gaming since the atari age and has played many games throughout his life!

Gaming as well as streaming is what he does on his downtime from work. Shufunk works 3rd shift in a hotel and been doing it since 2010 a little after getting laid off from the airport. Streaming which started as a way of not being bored in the wee hours of the night ended up as a fun hobby!

Shufunk has actually been on many platforms prio to 2010 while starting on livestream.com in 2008! It was then when he 1st started his adventure as a livestreamer. While not really caring for fame and fortune he likes to chat it up with random people from around the world! This website was originally launched in 2005 when it was on livejournal.com. This website has evolved a lot over the years! You can actually see the many phases!

Original website

Past wordpress

What’s in store for this community? Not much since it’s just shufunk showing off what he loves which is video games. He’s also into computers and there are talks about software and hardware all the time on stream and in the blogs.

As for this website being dubbed “shufunk 3.0” it’s being integrated into the next generation of social networks which involves rewarding viewers with crypto currency. This website is integrated with the HIVE Network and all blog posts mirror to http://peakd.com/@shufunk