Subnautica: Below Zero Seaworthy Update

It’s finally here! The actual final game! No joke this time! There is an actual release date for version 1.0 which will make the game available not only on steam which is where we’ve been currently playing the Early Access but it will be playable on other consoles as well! On May 14th, 2021 Subnautica: Below Zero will be on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch.

As usual with every update i will be doing a full play of the game and this time we can get to see the actual ending! Yes this version is available right now for people with early access on STEAM.

What’s in store for us? Will we ever figure out who ALEN is and his connection to this area of the planet. Will know for sure when i livestream the full gameplay hopefully next weekend which is March 5th. Be sure to follow me on twitter and when i will announce the time i plan to broadcast the gameplay exclusively on

New House!

For the past few months i have been in the process of moving to a new home since the condo life needs to end. I got tired of being too close to my neighbors to the point i can hear them all day and lose sleep since i slept during the day due to working the night shift. A friend of our family was wanting to sell her house and what perfect timing too. The problem was she was renting it out and had to wait on the tenent to move out. The day that happened i came by the house to properly get a look at it!

I was so excited to start the process of moving in but there were things needed to be done to the house before i moved in. I changed out the carpet, painted almost all the rooms, fixed some pipes, updated some electrical plugs and cleaned up the yard amongst other things. After a month of working on things I finally settled in!

I am really happy about doing this! Ever since the move I’ve felt better! Felt more free! Come spring i can to do more stuff to the house such as clean up the overall yard and plant new things, work on back yard area and setup a hangout/grilling area. The font porch can get a good pressure wash as well as the back too. Get a good cleaning on the windows from the outside.