Updating website and other news.

I am in the middle of updating the website to make it up to par with code and security. I basically am starting over with this blog site sadly but the old site is still active under http://old.shufunk.net – This post is a test post from the new system. As you can see it auto posts to steemit so if you are reading this on steemit.com it means the setup was perfect. Spent 8 hours trying to get the website up! it seems the DNS settings and SSL configurations i had were way outdated then i expected and glad my hosting provider was able to help me resolve the problem.

I do find it weird that i did the exact same procedure last month on another domain i own. It had an old wordpress that was unsecure and i reinstalled it with a newer installation that synced well with the SSL protocols and it’s been running smooth ever since. I wonder why I had troubles today? What was supposed to take less then 10 minutes ended up 8 freaking hours! I was hoping to livestream today but can’t now cause it’s getting too late in the day. It’s ok there will be a livestream later in the week.

The next episode for hearthstone is on tuesday so expect a stream tuesday night around my normal time of 1am. It will be restreamed so i can have a VOD to upload to youtube like i have for the past two hearthstone episodes. This is episode 3 of 4? Last expansion i expected 4 but ended up 5 but i doubt that will happen again. We shall see. I am really curios of what’s in store.

In other news I been catching up on my GTA with my new xbox one over the weekend. I was doing the special collection where you find all the figurines and you get a hero outfit as a reward. I was up to 95 found when all the sudden the numbers glitched and said 95 for the next two figurines and then started working again. It’s stuck on 97 even though i do have 98 where 99 and 100 only spawn when you find 98. It’s been taking too long to back track. I have been using a special tool that allows me to track what i found. I should of used it in the 1st place. Oh well just gonna finish up eventually. Gonna collect the cards too so i can have the special deck in my VIP penthouse. After that who knows? I may adapt calimeatwagons ideas on how he does things. He has spreadsheets of how to make money at certain stages of the game. He’s demonstrated many times how it works and great for casual play like me. This allows me to do GTA one day but another game another day where i am keeping up on the variety. Having everything on the PC account is boring. I find it exciting to start over again but seeing if i can get things without relying on shark cards.

That is all i can think about for the 1st post of the new blog. I will keep on maintaining it like i have over the past 12+ years. Just sad i can’t have the archive on this database.

EDIT: This sentence is the edit. Just making sure edits show up on steemit