Vacation 2022 – Days 1 and 2

My sister moved to Wyoming around this time last year and it’s been a year since she moved! I had some vacation time so Me, my mother and my step-father drove all the way to Wyoming to visit! Don’t worry I am flying home since there is no way i can stand the drive home!

We left North Carolina at 9am on Tuesday and headed to Mount Vernon, Illinois which was the first 10 hours of our 39 hour overall drive! Nothing really to share since I slept most of the way.

Official Day 1

We drove 11 hours to Ogallala, Nebraska! Was a fun drive! I drove the first 5 hours. One of the major areas we drove through was St Louis, Missouri!

A little further into our trip we went through parts of Kansas City, Missouri and the traffic was a little heavier but we were able to see the Royals Stadium!

We went through Iowa and then Nebraska which was our final destination for the day! My god was there so much farm land! Nothing but corn! At this time we were in Mountain Time where it’s two hours off.

Day 2

We left Ogallala around 6am and was in Wyoming in the first hour of our 9 hour last leg. We headed to a unique gas station in Buford, Wyoming where this town is just a Trading Post and a house! It’s a ghost town which was actually previosly known as the town with a population of one! The original owner of the trading post lived there for over 20 years and moved out in 2004! The new owner lives 30 minutes away but does still maintain the gas station/trading post! Prior to our trip i was able to visit this in the game American Truck Simulator

I was able to actually compare the video game to the real thing and boy was it accurate!

I sadly forgot take a photo of the actual Post office that is mainly just 10 or so boxes! The house which was behind the Gas Station is just empty but that was where the former owner lived! It was pretty neat to visit this little town!

As for the rest of the trip we past this area where we saw some great mountain views!

There’s a lot more to explore! Not sure what we plan to do tomorrow but i can’t wait to at least go to Yellowstone! I’m exhausted! Been a long drive! I will be posting more as this vacation progresses!