Enter the hive?

So it appears there is drama in the steem community that i am not fully aware of since i am not an early adapter. People hate this justin sun guy and i have no clue who he is other then he’s related to the bittorrent network. Without stirring the hive (you see what i did there) i just wanna point out that i don’t really care where my stuff is. I am not hiding anything to be scared of who will see my content. Either way this post is suppossively going to be posted on PeakD which a hive blockchain. I am still using this steempress plugin but i read it post to hive since our old steem keys work on hive somehow. Lets see how this posts. I wouldn’t mind posting to both steem and hive and hope this still posts on both but since this is my 1st post since the changes i have no clue where this will end up. I am going to check steempeak and peakd after i submit this to see where it goes.