The gods have shown themselves?

So i wake up on this day in the year 1333AE where i suddenly get a mysterious letter which seem to be written by a cat?

It came with some tonics and I was told to drink one once i enter Lions Arch. I enter the area and drink. Nothing happened yet but i heard a cat from afar!? It didn’t sound like any ordinary cat. I go around town to find the source. I found it alright!

It was just standing there in the main entrance of the Harbor! What does this mean? I had to the grove to talk to Mother Tree about what she knows? I take the portal to home and as i arrive i hear another cat? I look up and see this!
What does this mean? As curios as i am I skip talking to Pale Tree and investigate this on my own. I head to the Asura homeland to see what they know.
What is going on here! Is this some type of sign? I have fought many dragons in the past but now cats? This makes no sense. I head to holbrek to get some guidance from the spirit animals.
As i am heading to the bear temple i heard another cat! It seems they are everywhere! i had no choice to head to Divinty’s Reach and consult with the Queen and other leaders to Figure this out!
It seems like our mysterios felines are setting up for something! Is this another war? Do we need to start bowing to these cute giant creatures? I get a message from Ritlock and tells me to head to the black citedel for an emergency meeting
I arrive and it seems that this one wants to speak to us. Hopefully good news cause i be damed to be fighting cuteness!