Hearthstone: Ashes of Outland – Review

Ashes of Outland is the latest expansion for Hearthstone and is the 1st to introduce a new class into the game! The Demon Hunter is the new class and it comes with some pretty powerful cards! While it would be fair to have new cards for the other classes there are some new mechanics added as well as new cards to help go against the demon hunter.

The Demon Hunter itself is a nice class. Your hero power is basically just giving you the ability to attack with +1 attack but it can help with the many weapon attack cards. One of the new mechanics which is part of the demon cards as well as some other classes are “dormant” cards that awake after two turns. The Demon Hunter dormant card does 10 damage split to all enemies upon awakeing. Another dormant card i saw which is for a mage it does at least 2 damage to all minions upon awaking. The paladan dormant card when it awakens summons two 1/1 murlocs. There seems to be a dormant card for all classes but i yet to look at them all to remember as i write this review.

Because this is so new a bunch of players are playing the demon hunter so the 1st night was practicaly only against other demons hunters in casual mode. I saw a few in ranked mode but i am not very high in rank to see how the better players play with the new cards. As for the cards in general it’s that time of year to rotate the cards out of standard. 3 sets of cards were taken out and i basically had to redo all my decks! I was able to keep most of the cards and only had to change 2 or 3 cards which is not that bad.

My overall thoughts of the expansion so far? Not that bad actually! Not been in card gaming long enough to have a major reaction but overall i can see this will be a fun new expansion to play in the long run. There are phases to this expansion and unsure of the timeline. What i do know is i think in phase 3 battlegrounds will finally go out of beta which is nice to hear. That mode is really fun and I really enjoy playing that mode when not in the mode to think strategy in normal play and just wanna see minions bash at each other.