New Personal Best in The Getaway High Speed II – 323,669,670

Decided to play some pinball for old times sake. As some of you know i love The Getaway High Speed II as it’s one of my most played table on Pinball Arcade as Well as Pinball FX3. Yesterday (July 28th, 2020) I made another personal best on this table! Wasn’t even expecting it either! I managed to get Redline Mania which somehow gives extra balls while in that mode! I didn’t know that since it’s been a while since i got a chance to experience Redline Mania mode! Was pretty fun! Somehow i managed to get and extra ball in that mode so in total i had like 6 just in that session. Can i pull this off again? Now that i know more about the table i think i can rethink my strategy and get at least over 400 million.

Current PB as of July 28th, 2020 – 323,669,670

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