I turn 40 today!

2020 has been a hell of a year so far! Lockdowns, Riots, No Baseball, No voices in two episodes of Guild Wars 2, the list can go on! There’s one thing that is good so far is that i am able to turn 40 and know i can celebrate with family and friends.

So you gotta ask yourself “what is it like to be 40?” Well for one thing you know you are old as fuck when you are about at as old as PACMAN! Empire Strikes Back, Airplane, and Caddyshack were in theaters! As for movies themselves it cost an average of $2.69 which these days you are lucky to even find a $2 theater with good movies. Hell because of covid new movies are streamable on day 1 of release but at high cost! Bill and Ted’s latest movie came out yesterday and cost $19.95 to watch it.

Gas prices are decent at least right now. Currently $1.82 and it was $1.19 back then. Problem with fuel prices it changes so often it can be really high or really low! Highest i remember paying is about $3.25 while the lowest i ever payed was back when i 1st started driving in 1996 when the price per gallon was 98 cents!

So what’s in store for the next 10 years? I hope to be in a new home by then. I am actually working on that now. It’s time to get out of the condo/apartment life and live in a real home. I hope to find a girl too and maybe have a kid. Who knows!? I may be single the rest of my life! Either way I am doing well and hears to another 60 years!