Vacation 2022 – Day 5 – Visiting Yellowstone Nation Park

For the next to last day of my vacation we finally head to Yellowstone Nation Park as we visit old faithful!

On our way we did many stops! Found some bison just chilling next to the lake! Going to the lake and just enjoying the view (away from the bison of course). We went to a waterfall! Found a gift shop with a gas station and then we headed to Old faithful!

We finally made it to Old Faithful and boy was in amazingly beautiful!

In the same area there were these pools of water that is heated by the earths core!

It’s amazing how beautiful this area was! Sadly, there were spots that were scorched by wildfires but there were trees regrowing! We didn’t go to all the spots I wanted to go but since my sister live in Wyoming, we can do more in a later date! As I am writing this we are actually about to leave since I was so dead tired when we got back, I didn’t write this until i woke up. My next entry for “tomorrow” will be my last day here in Wyoming as we visit the area of Riverton! After that I am flying home so nothing to really share for the fly home. We may visit the casino in Riverton that’s ran by the natives! You’ll see in the next entry!