Vacation 2022 – Day 6 and 7 – Visiting Riverton and Casper

Today is my last day here in Wyoming! It’s been a fun week not only to explore but to hang out with my sister who lives here in Wyoming. On the last day we stayed in Riverton and boy is it in interesting small town! On the way in we passed an area that i actual drove through in American Truck Simulator! While I have to dig through my files to find the real pictures, I will be comparing the real deal with the game version. In the meantime, my parents are staying in Wyoming for the next few days while i sadly have to go home. The last place I stayed at is a ranch that has some RV spots where people can park their RV or rent one which we rented one that was already on the property!

On our way to Casper which is where the airport is we stopped at a spot called Hells Half Acre. Not only did i visit this location in American Truck Simulator but i learned it’s one of the main locations when they filmed the movie Starship Troopers!

I am definitely coming back to Wyoming not only to visit my sister but to explore some more! There is so many areas I yet to explore that I wanted to see! Goodbye Wyoming! Hope to see you again!